And now, from Standing Rock


I appreciate Pancho’s article because it contains many links. Stitch by stitch, you can begin to quilt together a picture from the frontlines by following any thread, click by click.

This is it!

Video from KarmaTube

From Dallas Goldtooth: “A lot of folks know the Ponca leader Casey Camp. She stood in defiance, in peaceful prayer, in front of an armored personnel carrier, because she loved the land and wanted to protect the Missouri River, not just for the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, but for all nations and all people and the millions of people who depend on the Missouri River for drinking water. So this movement is not founded out of hate for the police officers or for the workers themselves, but out of love for the land and for all of us as human beings. That’s why we’re there. That’s not—our enemy is not the worker. Our enemy is not the police. It’s the corporations that are hell-bent on poisoning Mother Earth and disconnecting ourselves even further from the sacred integrity of the land and the water.”

Get Pancho’s first impressions word-quilt block here: Strong Blessings from the Water Protectors at Standing Rock! #NoDAPL

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