Vínculos & Quierdos                          (Links & Loves plus Links I Love)

Mia Mingus et al., examining the intersections of disability/access, ethnicity, and queerness http://leavingevidence.wordpress.com/

Ariel Luckey, dancing at the crossroads of education, art, and activism: http://www.arielluckey.com

Distrupt the social taboo around bodies that menstruate, see the beauty in blood art show: http://www.beautyinblood.com/

Christian Peacemaker Teams, an organization where no questions are off the table: http://www.cpt.org

Heat your home with a flower pot (and other frugal ideas)!

Interactive Drone Information: Deaths caused by drones of children, civilians, unknown casualties and high profile targets. I hope we can talk more about this on the Robots page.

Christianity and Anarchy in conversation: www.jesusradicals.com

Mentoring with the 8 natural directions in mind. The natural world is one of the most powerful teachers.

Octavia Butler! http://juliedash.tv/2016/04/18/julie-dash-interviews-octavia-butler/

Octavia Butler!

Fun and helpful travel items: The Keeper, GoGirl FUD, and Portable Bidets!

Local community organizing to Close the School of the Americas!

If I did a PhD in anything right now, it’d be in the area of power studies, using menstruation as the site to talk about all sorts of things related to power, bodies, sexuality, life cycle, gender, nutrition, the environment, etc. My favorite blog is at the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research: http://menstruationresearch.org/blog/! One of my favorite posts there uses menstruation as a site for examining our understandings of cycles of work and rest, cold war era rhetoric, and productivity.

Sistah Doctah Lex: http://www.alexispauline.com Queer Black Feminist Scholar-Activist who runs the Sunday School of our Lorde and Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind. My cyber-quilting mentor.

Jubilee House, an intentional living community (Mennonite Voluntary Service) made a video back in 2008!

Reading these random acts of kindness bring tears of joy to my eyes every time!

Fun blog: http://thehairpin.com/

Beautiful Photos from a Russian Farm

Angela Davis on being asked about violence, elucidates the context of the question

The survivor, Rev. Abby Mohaupt, on the utter failure of the church to protect the vulnerable, and her commitment to change this.

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