1968-2018: Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated during a trip to join black sanitation workers in their movement for equal pay and treatment in Memphis.  It was a part of a larger Poor people’s campaign that was intersectional (connecting the dots between structures of oppression and how they impact our lives in distinct and compounding ways). It had begun in earnest in 1967, on it’s way to Washington, DC. That march was never completed, because of the assassination. However, the movement never stopped. The new Poor People’s Campaign is a global movement, and as we come to the 50th anniversary of the historic work, it will begin in earnest in 2017.  Currently a network of religious and community leaders who are cultivating a shared analysis about what is going on in the world around us, they are building a movement to end poverty, led by the poor, across color lines.  I deeply respect so many of the people involved, and their way of organizing.  More info here: http://poorpeoplescampaign.org/

Rallying in Chicago with Wondaland crew and Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland and local organizers to tune in with Black Lives Matter actions happening in Chicago.  Next stop LA, and then the Bay. What an amazing week its been! 17Aug15-23Aug15 will forever be one of the most memorable of my life.

This is an amazing speech that really connects the dots of how US racism is connected to our militarism worldwide, and the crushing pressure of materialism is the mechanism by which we can re-enslave ourselves or break free! What do you choose? How do you decide when you have ENOUGH, are ENOUGH, are safe ENOUGH?

A demonstration of AR Parrot 2.0 a toy drone with a camera.  Many passersby found it simultaneously cool and creepy.  I stood at the demo booth for a long time (on layover at the airport where it was being flown around and over the airport hall) and observed responses to it, while trying to deal with my gut feeling that by making this weapon exciting and attractive we risk desensitization to the deadly devastating drone use in war and surveillance.

A powerful invocation and manifesto–about late capitalist society’s sickness and yet our will to live deeply–by a local kid we live in community with here in Ojai, California.

“One of the things I love most about farming,” Miguel says, “is that I am a participant in the passage of time.”  This guy is a passionate farmer who understands that the land is life-blood for food, family, and meaning.

There are many ways to walk, talk, play, struggle and dance.

This is a short video of a Capoeira Angola roda.  This song we are singing means a lot to me. It was one of the first ones I learned, from my main Capoeira inspiration, Versatil, of Capoeira Batuque Los Angeles (Mestre Amen and Brasil Brasil Cultural Center).

This is an incredible inspiration to me and a perspective shaper.

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