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Defend the Atlanta Forest


In an acute way in the last two years there has been a struggle for another way of understanding security, as well as understanding of ourselves as connected with all beings in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Mvskoke land). Here’s the news release from Feb 16.

I’m still in the middle of my doctoral program, so I am not on the ground at this time. But we don’t have to be there to be part of the much-needed amplification of the struggle to save the nation’s largest urban forest from being cut down and dug up in order to install an urban combat training center for the Atlanta Police Department. #StopCopCity

What this boils down to is trees vs. guns. Things are of course more complex and we understandably resist most binaries. But what has been so powerful about this movement is that the activists are so clear that the struggle of the earth and the struggle of the people are one struggle. This is a message so many climate justice workers have worked hard to instill in the dominant North American environmentalist movement. So much positive knowledge has been shared from pipeline struggles, racial justice, antiwar, and indigenous solidarity (here and around the world) for this moment.

Many kindred spirits are on the ground in Atlanta now…doing holding actions in defense of life, creating new structures, and shifting consciousness (to use Joanna Macy’s language).

If you lead any group processes or faith groups in the next while please consider donating a portion of any proceeds to this Stop Cop City effort. @belovedcommune on Venmo is the fiscal sponsor. Image below so you can make sure it’s the right one.

We can all find a way that your community can show solidarity with a movement that is local and at the same time national (and global, given the fact that Israeli police train the Atlanta police based on security tactics Israel has learned via the destructive military occupation of Palestine) struggle.

If you’d like to get directly involved, feel free to reach out to your people in Atlanta, add a solidarity event to their calendar for Feb 19-26, or email the organizers on their website. You can show up in town, head to the South Forest and you will be taking care of by activists who are dreaming for a world beyond the carceral state, no police violence, and where there is fresh air for all!

Big love for big times!