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Earth Day Altar Call


In the midst of an extremely tough season for me mentally, Goddexx gave me the strength to preach the gospel, on Earth Day!

An altar call was traditionally a moment to invite sinners to repent, give their life to Jesus, and transform their way of living. The event of Earth Day is a global invitation for us to examine sinful racial capitalism, experience Jesus’ incarnation anew, and make (re)commitments to transform how we live.

In this video, I invite people to be converted back to their humanity through these questions:

  • How do you see, feel, experience the earth being crucified? If you were to make a station of the cross, what would be included?
  • How can your community better prioritize the saving of soil in addition to the saving of souls?
  • “What do you need to break free from the clutches of [industrial growth society, corporate petro chemical capitalism – the structure of sin that is holding us all hostage]?” How can your community support you in breaking free from this system? (We are in this together!)

My speech was part of a series. All of the sessions about climate justice and racial justice can be found here!!!

Standing on the shores of sacred Onondaga Lake, in whose watershed I am blessed to study.

Many thanks to Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions for the invitation, and your work guiding this conversation among Anabaptists.