Monthly Archives: November 2017

Layers of camaraderie


I’m excited for 2018 and to be leading multiple nonviolent direct action trainings with Jonathan Brenneman, all over the country. We’re about to lead one in my hometown, working together with a coalition of people directly impacted by the pending plan to build an immigrant detention facility. Together–with the help of a coalition of civil society of Gary, Indiana and people from El Refugio in Georgia who are reducing the violence done by Core Civic there–and many others–our community will refuse to allow Core Civic (which is renown for terrible practices) to harm immigrant families.

We’ve been asked by MCUSA to help create curriculum to support our church’s work in the area of nonviolent direct action.  Building on five years of supporting one another as colleagues in Christian Peacemaker Teams, and then becoming close and opening our hearts to one another, now being asked to work together…the layers of camaraderie have continued to grow!  Here we are on our way to Training for Change‘s workshop, to learn new skills: for relationship with one another and the broader movement for positive social change.

Stay tuned!!