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Climate Recovery


“Sustainability is not a solar panel, it is a lifestyle.” -XM
The term “climate recovery” helps me see what part of my role is, as a person. I learned this phrase from young climate activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a teenager who directs Earth Guardians.  We’re both from a mixed heritage and borderwalkers of sorts.  Definitely we both talk a lot. 🙂

He goes on further to describe what this term means, not only for people, but a national context.

Climate recovery means putting “plans into place and massively reforest our country and states so that our generation and future generations to come will inherit a healthy, safe, sustainable planet. The Public Trust Doctrine says that the government must preserve and protect natural resources for public use, for future generations, and that they cannot be used or hoarded by one entity, corporation or government. So, we’re arguing that the climate is an important resource that doesn’t belong to anybody but affects everyone. We’re demanding climate recovery plans that ensure a healthy, sustainable atmosphere.”

When I was in Papua, and the Pacific more broadly, people were not talking about “sustainability,” anymore, rather they talked about “resilience,” as it was clear to all of them that we are passed the point of sustainability and need to think about what type of communities we need to form in order to survive and thrive in this new era.

Recovery also resonates with me theologically, as it reminds me of the importance of returning and remembering…both central parts of Christian, Buddhist, and Jewish faith practice that call us to our original oneness.

Hear more of Xiuhtezcatl’s story here.