The Impact of Child Detention: Occupied Palestinian Territory 2012 by Save the Children Sweden and the YMCA. This text has full-length and abbreviated interviews with Palestinian child detainees of the Israeli Defense Forces. It notes when part of their testimony corresponds with a violation of one of the many conventions, laws, declarations, and state policies that enshrine the rights of children. It includes photographs and art by former detainees, and lists the efforts by various human rights organizations working to help reintegrate these vulnerable members of society. Some of the services they offer the youth include counseling, circle process, and family support. This booklet is a part of the advocacy work they do–working together in broad coalition, to try to prevent further illegal and harmful detention of children. They share lessons learned in the process of research and make recommendations Israeli Authority and the Palestinian National Authority. This is an excellent resource for anyone doing research on the area of child detention. The quotes are also helpful for activists helping to pass the 2021 McCullom bill called DEFENDING THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF PALESTINIAN CHILDREN AND FAMILIES LIVING UNDER ISRAELI MILITARY OCCUPATION ACT. Take action here.

The movie “Sisters on the Sojourn” was made to mark some key years of organizing on campus at Spelman College. From protesting the war in Iraq to challenging misogynoir to creating more space for LGBTQIA+ students, the years of 2002-2006 were especially poignant moments that forged our futures as scholar-activists who are continuing in that work through today.