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Surrender and Flow (in step)


As I depart for China, I look at my future with glee and wonder and the bright streamers across my left eye that signal the onset of a low-grade migraine.  I’ll go lay down soon. But, the good news: Doing what I love to do, I will be in approximately one place for approximately one month for the next one year, approximately. What do I love to do? Build partnerships that transform violence and oppression.

I am sure the schedule will shift some, it always does.  I love the changes and the challenges. Sometimes my body feels extra strong during travels. Other times the liver qi stagnation causes a headache and/or stomachache.  When those times happen, I bring to bear wisdom learned in Oakland, California:

Miriam Greenspan writes on the Awakin Oakland blog, “surrendering is the spiritual part of this process” of living deeply. Surrendering to physical pain or suffering is usually the last thing we want to do, but surrender is what brings the unexpected gifts of wisdom, compassion, and courage. Surrendering is about saying yes when we want to say no — the yes of acceptance. This is what really allows the alchemy to happen. We don’t “let go” of emotions; we let go of ego, and the emotions then let go themselves. This is “emotional flow.” When we let the dark emotions flow, something unexpected and unpredictable often occurs. Consciously experienced, the energy of these emotions flows toward healing and harmony. I’ve found that unimpeded grief transforms itself into heightened gratitude; that consciously experiencing fear expands our ability to feel joy; and that being mindful of despair — really entering into the dark night of the soul with the light of awareness — renews and deepens our faith.”

Carry on.                                                                                                                                              Bouganvilla

Schedule, you ask?:
April-Canada/China; May-California, USA; June-Chicago, USA; July-Palestine/Israel; August-Spain; September-Virginia; October-South Korea; November-Georgia, USA; December-Midwest, USA; January-Indonesia; February-Aotearoa (New Zealand); March-New York, USA; April-Colombia

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Totally Awesome Toronto


I love being in Toronto. It’s on the other side of the Great Lakes Watershed from Elkhart and Chicago.
Great Lakes Watershed Pillow

In addition to being the most multicultural city on the planet, there is a lot of activism here.  In addition to Reserve Land, Toronto is a hub for the ongoing #idlenomore indigenous initiated movement to resist ongoing environmental racism.

I am here for Christian Peacemaker Teams meetings. There is a warm spell and so I bikeImage all over the city, using a cycle from the Aboriginal Justice Team house.

Whenever I travel, I check out the Capoeira academy there. Below is a sign from the academy, which is a salute of health and wellbeing that we give to one another at the beginning and ending of the class.  It is a greeting shared for generations, and evokes the energy we want to share with the world.  Thanks for sharing with me in my life journey, salve! to you.Image