Sometimes an article comes up that I don’t want to lose track of!

Menstrual Hygiene and DevelopmentSurprisingly Badass Birds of the Bible, Pope Francis on Christianity and Islam in Conversation, the beauty of the way babies change your body, Explaining Racism to a Broke White Person (think intersectionality!), and 10 Mistakes Parents Commonly Make, Movement and Motherhood, awesome intersectional Analysis of Skinny and fat-shamingIntellectual Jokes, Student Debt (do your BEST to avoid it!), Sembrar tu Luna (en español), the “Human Puzzle”, on Joy, Capoeira in Palestine, Pansexuality and Rep. Mary Gonzalezdesigning compost toilets, Potawatomi Culture, #Ferguson, Love InshAllah, the sexual politics of short hair, Thin Privilege, a different view on the war than American Sniper portrays, Flight Deals, a lovely invitation to inhabit the place you live!, A herstory of the #blacklivesmatter movement, sustainable cycling, awesome phrases parents can say to their kid in sports, words of wisdom from Tzedek Chicago, Rumi! Rumi! Rumi!, US war veterans and Muslim scholars affirmative on the subject of compost toilets, Mother Christmas pulled in a sleigh by female reindeer, awesome article about Wheaton Hijab controversy and contextual vs. received theology, eat healthy on a budget (hint: meal planning and combos are key!), revolutionary women, compassionate activism at the intersections of the personal and political, gastrodiplomacy, teaching consent to children, the lack of a village impacts mothers most, the ecosystem of election media and why it’ll be terrible through Nov. 2016, those who opposed Trump wrote implored their friends, people practiced positive parenting…

NFL player DeAndre Levy speaks about hypermasculinity, História & Contemporaeidade of Christian Liberation Theology (Portuguese), engage in LGBTQIA dialogue with Mennonite church only on equal and healthy and conscientious terms, thoughts on why “we are all implicated in the startling rise of radical Islam,” how to NOT waste banana peels, Zuleikha!, reciprocity and democracy toward wholeness, dating an awakened woman, giving up, to be your fullest self, Valarie’s Kaur’s sermon in a challenging place but with an amazing message, wealth won’t keep you safe in the end (times), airplane travel is one of my only vices and it emits a lot of carbon dioxide, a Seth Martin song on the internet inspired by the interconnections of people’s struggles for justice and stories of loneliness and comfort across the world…to me it coordinates with Moriel Rothman’s book Sadness is a White Bird, in which the main character “wrestles with the question of what it means to be proud of your heritage and loyal to your people, while also feeling love for those outside of your own tribal family.”

In 2017, Moria is Bethlehem…where Jesus would spend Christmas.  And Black Perspective’s Prison Abolition Syllabus. Do some strategic thinking everyday. Learn to Breathe from black feminism, with Alexis Pauline Gumbs (starts at 9:01), and learn some about our experiences in leadership as women of color, addressing how to understand the culture and characteristics of white supremacy which have influenced all of us. How Nonviolent Communication can assist you in peacefully yet powerfully respond to vast systemic equities and abuses. TedX Middlebury brilliance, and images from the 3/24 March for Our Lives/End Gun Violence. A reminder to be aware of self-righteousness in our activism, young adults in the North American Mennonite church, the four streams of Anabaptism, my experience has been great, but it’s important to hear from voices speaking about anti-black racism in the Jewish community, visit an eco-village in Palestine, Farkha.

A year later, remembering the intermediate victories at Standing Rock and the brilliant articles written then, Theater of the Oppressor, which builds from Theater of the Oppressed! And a throwback to Sekou, about Ferguson activism and clergy (and his 2019 MLK Day speech here). A reminder about the power of nonviolence movements that use both outside and inside strategies, toolbox for young people resolving conflicts. US’ influence over New Zealand white-supremacist thinking and shooting 49 dead in two mosques. This whole thing was really intense because he was on Facebook Live while doing it. And the response has been intense because it didn’t take into account NZ’s settler-colonialism. True climate justice involves racial & economic equity, and civil rights era stories about mobilizing vulnerability vs. weapontry.

Dedunu, a friend from Buddhist Peace Fellowship, writes brilliantly to her Sinhalese Buddhist community after the Easter attacks on Christian churches in Sri Lanka, fearing another rise in nationalism(s) there. She asks “How do we respond to real attacks without abandoning the spirit of the Buddhadhamma?” and “How do we protect ourselves without feeding the false belief that we are superior to others?” This remains an important conversation for everyone in religious communities worldwide.

Maybe I’ll need to pose with my dissertation like Dr. Humphrey! My due date is waaay off from now, though. In the meantime, reading about the roots of intersectionality at the intersection of Black feminism and critical legal theory, and how it has gone viral; though it makes some frustrated it helps create connections across lines of difference to shift our societies toward dignity and equality, as this Ethiopian Jewish BLM anti-occupation activist shares. Vegan Christian ethics, a professor back home thinking about science and theology, amazing Ukrainian flower wreaths, xenofeminism and the politics of alienation, Black Quantam Futures, Stephanie Krehbiel’s dissertation on terrains of violence and peace in the Mennonite church as it relates to LGBTQIA+ folks, Orthodox Rabbi Mike in support of Trans* lives and full participation in religious community, embrace the end of capitalist dogma and create the conditions for equity, and pompadours!

Showing up as love, paradoxes in positions of power. Consider the St. Paul Principles on diversity of tactics, communication tips for the holidaze. Tamera’s composting toilets, 72 seasons on a calendar! Faculty in my Religion department at SU wrote in solidarity with anti-racist movement on campus, 5 Questions to reduce anxiety, the role of serious storytellers in this global moment, Sanitation Touch and Maintenance Art, Magda Matache’s lecture on Roma enslavement and marginalization and its connections to the African-American struggle. Ukulele songs! Golem/et to protect life, vaginal steam baths and ancestral readings for reproductive health from Spelman sister Dr. Zhaleh Phillips, “Unwilling Sacrifices, anti-Blackness and the clearing” by my Syracuse prof Biko Mandela Gray.

These are big times, I’m doing lots of emotional labor for white folks waking up in real time, and also encountering some who are just being stubborn. I feel like Cyneatha has written. But Tommie Smith has been doing it hardcore since he raised his fist on the podium in 1968, and so, we keep keepin’ on. Bettina’s blog! Gesturing toward decolonial futures, the ongoing life-and-death battle between “Mosquitos and Man“, and longing for commemorative justice, a work called: “memory and landmarks: report of the burial database project of enslaved africans” (periwinkle is likely an indicator of a grave location), the obituary of the woman who coined the term femicide. Furthermore, an article connecting the direct violence on George Floyd and Breonna Taylor with the symbolic violence of Columbus statues. How hard it is to get through US immigration, the commodification of everything via branding, a racial justice event at SU during COVID, and Wakanda Forever! RIP Chadwick Boseman. Salween Peace Park and slain leader Saw-O-Moo. So much death happening as people stand up for places they love! Belarus democratic revolution led by a former housewife who lives for love of her husband, family, and people. How Murray Bookchin inspired Kurdish autonomy, other things to do with a PhD degree, the Black Pieta, Angela Ferguson, Onondaga Chef, and Braiding the Sacred: Indigenous Corn Keepers.

A beautiful photo montage of postal workers during the 2020 pandemic and election, Beautiful Trouble’s intervention & de-escalation tips, picking up NYC’s garbage, awesome pic of Harriet Tubman, Kindred Healing Justice collective in the US South and philanthropists of the same mindset, thought-pieces for the Grad Association for Food Studies, Catherine Coleman Flower’s take on Waste, Fannie Lou Hamer’s testimony about her brutal mistreatment in jail cast together by Mars C’s spacious and mysterious sounds. Rami Nashishibi and Drea D’Nur’s collab called Mama Please about the connected struggles for life in the face of brutality of Palestinians and Black folks in the US. Ashante Reese’s public talk on food studies as a liberatory lens.

We will not cancel us book release video, charting patterns in government, Crescendo: taking on anti-Muslim campaigns, The Stance arts & culture podcast, AIM yourself guide, Trump’s co-optation of rebellion, the importance of chaplains in higher education by the chaplain from Syracuse University, two articles on the retooled Messiah during Coronavirus in Canada, and how to design an inclusive classroom. Avery Kalapa runs a very inclusive classroom for yoga. Racial reconciliation work in the progressive Jewish community, the text of HR 40 for Reparations in the US, and Makam Shekinah’s new album!

US polarization reduction based on international peace pedagogy, Syracuse’s series for faculty to support inclusive, just, and trauma-informed classrooms, abolition tutorial, Denver STARS follow Eugene, OR’s CAHOOTS program and reduce reliance on the police. Designing your life through clarity about resolutions, intentions, goals, and plans, a new prof friends advice to make time for long-term projects on the daily, astrology genius-ness to help you pull out the splinters, amazing stuff from the women and children-led aspects of the Syrian revolution, and the Caganer! Robots writing articles, Syracuse food justice efforts, on the back-end of food justice is the question of poop, and this article talks about religion and portable bidets.

Living abroad with your family, growth of anti-Zionism among Jews, on NOT co-opting Dr. King, on Thich Nhat Hanh’s passing and his conversations with MLK, incredible empathy opportunities for black femmes to support one another. Creeds vs. covenants, hilarious video of Brother Earth highlighting the climate crisis, Marcelle Haddix, our doula with Sankofa Reproductive Health Center, got a great position at Syracuse! The subjective ‘authenticity’ is a trap for Jews worldwide, as the tradition has always been deep, remixing, and evolving. As the world burns graphic novel, and mourning renown journalist Shireen Abu Akleh’s murder by the Israeli Occupation Forces while she was clearly marked as press.

The decarbonize, decolonize, and cancel the debt protests during the 2022 IMF/WB meetings, Kai M. Green’s trailer for “It Gets Messy in Here, on transmen’s experiences using public bathrooms, and a diagram about sex within the charmed circle (relates to how dominant western culture’s societies are constructed, plus an excellent diagram on power and privilege in Canada by Dr. Amy Tan. A panel on universal guaranteed income, the power of speech, and a scholarship for BIPOC students going to Mennonite colleges.

Bring your whole SPICEE self–and assess how the different parts of you are doing, My best friend Moya’s best day ever, at Spelman College, A book called A Kick in the Belly about Caribbean women’s resistance during enslavement. Tru’ah’s 2,300 rabbis condemn the settler pogrom against Palestinians in Hawara. Natural Event composting toilets available for rent for big events, building resilient organizations in this time of crisis

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