No Winter Whining!


Even though I live in the polar vortex of Chicago, I have committed to #nowinterwhining. I was almost about the succumb to the context chatter that many have all around me about how “bad” the weather is. I realize that snow and ice are water in another form. I am made of 70% water. Snow and ice is me in a different form. chicago polar vortex 1This gives me the opportunity to examine the different forms I am in at different seasons of my life. How does what is happening outside remind me of the changes I am going through? I was pondering this as I got out from the lightening-quick shower that I took at Planet Fitness (because the hot water heater was broken on January 2).  I knew it was broken before I jumped in there, but I wanted to clear myself of any tendency to whine about the winter weather once and for all.  It worked.

During this time of winter I have also gone through an interesting process of moving in to “my own place.” Yes, my own little place in the polar vortex. It’s quite something, this process of moving in.

Moving in in the winter is also somethun intense! The snow was piling high outside today and I didn’t leave my house at all! That hardly ever happens (neither me having a house nor staying in one place ALL day long) But, I got nearly all moved in and arranged!

One’s attitude an experience changes a lot if you commit to not whining about it, but get some good boots (or whatever equipment you need for the job) and keep your dome up and face the music.

More later… In the meantime #nowinterwhining.


About SEN

Born on United Nations Day, I am actively involved in the process of figuring out how we can live together well on this planet, given our similar and different truth claims. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

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