Land of mz Ancestors


Greetings from Yurich, Swityerland, where the ys and the zs are switched on the kezboard.

I am beginning the slow movement north and west from Palestine and Israel back toward beloved Elkhart. It’ll take me a whole month to get there; decompressing with everz step.
öüäääèàéäüöSwiss Madonna A Swiss rendering of Marz and Jesus.

I don’t feel a need to decompress from the trip though, but just get some more rest, perhaps.  I don’t feel compressed. On the contrarz, the time guiding the group in the Land of the Holz One was energiying, breathable, instructive. I felt affirmed in mz calling to teach and lead people into grappling with the complicated realities of this world, aided bz a faith based analzsis of szstemic oppression and wholeness.

A number of people in the group reflected back to me their excitement about how the trip events and mz facilitation of group process encouaged them to become more aware of the power dzamics at plaz as we encountered ourselves, our group, and the larger context.  Illhumdulillah!!

I feel so blessed to be able to have a chance to invite people into often confounding areas of life together…to notice and enhance our abilitz to hold tension, act carefullz, reflect criticallz, and love fearlesslz. (however the zs and ys fall)

The last two dazs of the trip were some of the most epic dazs of mz life too!  Though sleep deprived, it was so clear to me that as I held healthz tension and unhealhtz conflict that I sensed around me, I was also being held and cared for bz the Animat(or/ing/ion) of the universe.  Ahhhh!

There were the manz connections that happened between capoeirstas, anarchists, scholar-entreprenuers and postgrads…there was the integration I felt in mz soul…there sense of abilitz to breath deeplz no matter where I am…Halleluzah+++

And I now move through Swityerland with a new curiousitz. I am 1/2 of Swiss-German descent, though mz mommäs people left here long ago. I am going to walk around wondering how this place–it’s culture, language, landscape, and status–shape how I move and be in the world.

The storz continues. How are zou?

More pics: 1. Limmat River drowning of Anabaptists, 2. Limmat River todaz (Stop the Prawer Plan!) and 3. Police break up meeting of Anabaptists in the woods.
Limmat River drowning         Limmat River         Anabaptists in the woods

About SEN

Born on United Nations Day, I am actively involved in the process of figuring out how we can live together well on this planet, given our similar and different truth claims. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

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