A Constant Guest, by Leonard Cohen


Listening to Leonard Cohen while attempting to do one’s part in making a difference in the world is both soothing and agitating.  He never had a song entitled “A Constant Guest,” but he could have.

This week I traveled north to visit the Monterey Institute of International Studies and to recruit for CPT at their Career Fair.  When I left Ojai for the Bay Area a week ago I didn’t know in whose home I would be a guest after I left Oakland.  I love to travel with this work, and contrary to the English proverb about constant guests, human animals & nonhuman animals make me feel welcome wherever I go.  In the spaces and homes I visit, I intend to do my part to give back in gratitude for their willingness to host me. I don’t always know where I’ll be staying the next night, but I travel with clean energy & renewal resources of interaction: faith and goodwill.888290_711341743637_466819618_o

I wouldn’t have the chance to hear Leonard’s voice waft through from the living room to the kitchen (whence I’m typing here in Monterey) if it hadn’t been for the kindness of a wise radical feminist pacifist nun in Oakland to connect me with one of her sisters-in-the-struggle to stay with here. A quick phone call down the coast at 7:15am and it was all ready to go. Blessed be.

Tonight we in most of the US “spring forward.” Ever wonder what the time zones in Antarctica look like? I grabbed this from Buzz Feed:
Antartica's Time Zones

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Born on United Nations Day, I am actively involved in the process of figuring out how we can live together well on this planet, given our similar and different truth claims. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

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  1. Hi ST, that’s an interesting proverb. I know it in a quite different form: “A constant guest is never welcomed”. Yes, with a “d” at the end, which changes everything. Then the proverb means simply that those who are continually visiting are not give a special welcome. They are like family and don’t need to be treated the way you treat someone who is visiting for the first time.
    In that case, we are all constant guests on this earth and it’s not surprising that the squirrels don’t doff their hats and say “how do you do?” when they see us.

    • So true! Thanks JJ. Yes, how a “d” at the end changes everything. 🙂 Thanks for tuning in!

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